4 Ways to Treat Yourself This Fall Season

Fall time is here and we want you to treat yourself this season.  Truly, we are all about women at our center!  So, here are 4 ways to treat yourself this Fall season and feel good about being Y-O-U.

  1. Allow yourself to buy a fall-flavored Starbucks drink. Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?  We know they can be expensive and they aren’t always the healthiest drinks, but at least let yourself have it once this season.  You deserve to splurge!  And while you’re drinking it, be sure to enjoy every moment of it!
  2. Visit a fall festival. I know our lives get so busy, especially with college in session and the constant grind of studying and always having homework.  However, it is important to make time for you and take a mental break.  So, go out and enjoy nature during this beautiful time of year!
  3. HIKE! Again, I know this time of year is busy with school and there is always added stress from approaching finals.  But go out and enjoy the weather!  It is important to get all of your studies done, but it is just as important to stay active and get exercise so your mind is refreshed later on.
  4. Bake your favorite treat! Again, fall only comes once a year.  So, treat yourself to your favorite fall treat.  Make this treat a guilt-free sweet.  Don’t worry about the calories or the sugar in the snack, just enjoy it!

Be YOU this fall and make sure you treat yourself every once and a while.  <3

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