6 Steps to Success

Feeling “stuck” in life is a familiar feeling we have all dealt with at times.  Whether it’s school, relationships, finances, or even family… we’ve been there.

So, what can we do to ensure that we don’t stay “stuck” in one place in life and we are successful and always moving forward in life?  Follow these 6 steps for achieving success in life:

  1. Don’t focus on motivation. Focus on commitment.  When looking towards a goal, if we focus on the commitment and dedication we have, the motivation and drive will come.  Passion and commitment drive success.  Are you passionate about what you are doing and where you want to go?
  2. Don’t focus on results. Focus on knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  If you stay focused on the knowledge, the discovery, and the importance of improving yourself , your motivation will be fueled and results will soon follow.  Focus on the path to success, not the destination.
  3. Look back and make notes about failures. We all make mistakes.  It is a way of life.  But don’t dwell on those mistakes.  Figure out what went wrong, and don’t make the same mistakes again.  Learn from your past, don’t relive it.
  4. Make a plan. I just talked about leaving your failures in the past and moving forward… a plan will absolutely make sure that you do just that.  Plan for what you can, and not what you can’t control.  Fill your calendar with what you will do, when, and how.
  5. Manage money. A lot of times people feel stuck because they are financially restricted.  Money management is so important to take seriously while in your 20s.  Start saving.  Every little bit you can save just put away.  Your future self will thank you.
  6. Recharge. Burnout is real.  Whatever you are doing, if you do it day in and day out without stopping… it’s so easy to get burned out.  Take a step back, relax, read a good book, and drink some coffee while enjoying the weather.  Recharge your body and your motivation.

#7 is my favorite and I think the most important:  Focus on what is important, but make sure you take time for yourself.  <3

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