7 Swim Safety Tips

This week is Healthy and Safe Swimming week.  With most pools and beaches opening this weekend, the timing is perfect to talk about swim safety. So, with the increase in swimming and the extra focus on safety, here are 7 swim safety tips to keep you cautious this (and every) swim season.

  1. Before you get in, know how to swim. Just knowing how to float until help arrives can be critical when you can’t reach the bottom and are physically exhausted.
  2. Protect your skin and stay properly hydrated. Not only does unprotected skin leads to sunburns, but chlorine dehydrates skin which can also lead to sunburns. Sunburns increase the risk of skin cancer. Apply 15 SPF sunscreen about 15 minutes before heading out and reapply every hour or two (yes, even the water and sweat-proof kind). Also be sure to drink water consistently when outdoors. A dehydrated body increases the risk for heat-related illnesses.
  3. Swim responsibly. Pay attention to signs, such as: “No Diving”, “No Running”, “Caution”, etc. There’s a reason why these signs are posted; Never dive when you are unsure of the depth. Many swim-related deaths are due to diving accidents. Wear life jackets when necessary. In addition, don’t consume alcohol as it impairs judgment and can lead to accidents or death. Alcohol also dehydrates your body and increases the risk for heat illnesses.
  4. Only swim in designated areas. If there is not a lifeguard present or a designated, responsible adult watching the pool—don’t swim.
  5. Swim with someone. You never know when a health-related issue or something else can happen, so having another person with you is always recommended.
  6. Get help. If you see someone struggling to swim or stay afloat in unknown water depth, call for help and/or throw in a life preserver. Use your judgement, but it is recommended you don’t jump in yourself—especially in natural bodies of water.
  7. Watch the weather. Lightening can strike anywhere and light rain can quickly turn into more. If you hear a rumble, lightening is not far behind—get out and play it safe.

Swimming is a fantastic way to spend the summer! Don’t let the lack of caution and safety ruin your fun this swim season. Cannonball! <3

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