7 Ways of Knowing if Your Relationship is Moving in the Right Direction


Is your relationship on the right track or should you get off at the next stop? We’re going to cover 7 ways of knowing if your relationship is moving in the right direction.

Ok, so you meet this guy and he’s super attractive, he loves his mom (but not too much), has his own place and a steady job—so far so good. What signs tell you it’s going to be alright?

  • You can be yourself. He doesn’t goof-shame you. Never heard of goof-shaming? It’s totally a real thing. It’s when you act like your normal goofy self and he looks at you with embarrassment and disgust, making you never want to let your true personality shine through ever again. If you can be a goober and he laughs with you—that’s a good sign.
  • Silences aren’t awkward. It’s a good sign when you can sit in comfortable silence.
  • You encourage each other. There’s no insecurities in your relationship. You lift each other up and encourage one another to be the best you can be.
  • You can talk about anything. Granted he’s not your girlfriend, so not everything should be shared with him—some guys just aren’t built to handle girl talk; but you can pretty much talk to him about anything without fear of being judged, jealousy ensuing or him changing his opinion of you.
  • You respect each other’s personalism. You can have time with your friends and vice versa.
  • You argue well. Sure, you have disagreements, but you never yell and handle it like adults. Communication is extremely important in a relationship and that includes healthy disagreements. Once it’s over, it’s over. There are no grudges held.
  • You talk sweet about each other to friends and family. When you’re apart, everyone gets to hear about how perfect the other is—all the time, over and over…

If all these apply in your relationship, you may just have a winner. Happy Dating!

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