7 Ways to Treat Yourself on a Dime

Treating yourself doesn’t have to consist of expensive spa treatments complete with facials (although, I’m not judging). With Mental Health Awareness Month coming up in May, we need to keep in mind (pardon the pun) that our emotional and mental health is just as important as anything else we care for—and it need not be something that breaks the bank. That being said, here are 7 ways to treat yourself on a dime in no particular order:

1)     Home Spa Night. If you have the house to yourself, make it a spa night. Light some candles, put on soft music and fill a bubble bath. If you are a DIY fan, check out facial mask or bath bomb recipes followed by a DIY manicure and pedicure with a pretty new shade.

2)     Short road-trip or train ride. If you enjoy driving, jump on the iconic Route 66 and take a historic drive. If driving is not your thing, book a day trip on Amtrak. Sit back on a peaceful ride and enjoy the scenes out the window.

3)     Time with a good friend. We all need to be intentional when it comes to friendships. What better way to treat yourself by scheduling lunch at a neat café or go vintage store shopping? Not only would it nurture the friendship, but give you the gal-time we all need and crave.

4)     Get outdoors. With warmer weather, there is no better time to get outdoors. Fresh air is therapeutic. Grab a bike and head to the lakefront bike path, the 606 or the Big Marsh bike park. If you’re up for a longer bike option, start at the Art Institute and travel the Route 66 trail. If you’re more of a hiker, head to Starved Rock State Park for a few hours (oh, and it’s dog-friendly).

5)     Picnic in the park. Solo or with others, packing up sandwiches (or make it a BBQ) and hanging out in the park on a beautiful day is a fantastic way to relax and reconnect with the great outdoors. Maybe add a frisbee or a kite to the fun.

6)     Massage. This has to be on the list. A massage can alleviate so much stress and help with tense muscles, but they can be pricier than you are able to spend. Check out the local massage schools in your area. Some offer student massage clinics where you can get a massage for a decent price.

7)     Reading. If you are like me, you enjoy reading, but it’s just hard to find the time. Maybe you feel guilty when you start, because you feel unproductive because there are so many other things that seem more important. The truth is, reading is important for a number of reasons, one being that it keeps your mind stimulated. So, if it helps, get out of the house to read. Visit the library, a café or someplace different like Uncharted Books in Logan Square.

Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to schedule “me time” at least once a week. You Deserve It!

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