Thinking About Abortion?

First off, many women consider abortion when in a mistimed pregnancy. It can feel like the best, and many times only, option to getting your old life back. There is absolutely no judgment here, so your thoughts and feelings are safe with us.

The unknown is scary. Thinking about finances and current responsibilities can be overwhelming. Wondering what will happen to your goals can leave you feeling so full of anxiety. And then if you throw the guy situation in the mix—forget about it.

This is all why Southside Pregnancy exists. We are Pro-Woman and care about how you’re feeling and what is important to you in your life. We want to empower you to make the best decision for you.

Part of what will help you in that decision will be in knowing whether or not you are pregnant. We have expert medical staff that will be able to confirm a pregnancy and then provide you will all you need going forward to have control, freedom and peace of mind.


We have the best of the best working for and with us to offer everything we do for YOU at NO CHARGE. We are a non-profit and do not benefit from your decision—so no pressure.

It’s all about you. Here’s some of what we provide:

Confident Strength in an Educated Decision

At Southside Pregnancy, our goal is to have every woman walk out of our center feeling the confidence and strength she needs to overcome whatever her circumstances are.

Give us a call or click here to schedule your private pregnancy & pre-abortion evaluation today!

*Southside Pregnancy does not refer for or perform abortion.

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