Unplanned pregnancy is complicated, and it’s absolutely normal to want “OUT”. Abortion may seem like the answer, in fact, for some women it may feel like your ONLY choice. Take time to consider your answers to the questions below before you choose.

If you’re unsure about any one, contact Southside Pregnancy Center. We can provide free diagnostic testing and education that will aid you in your decision-making process.   Schedule an appointment today.

Are you sure you are pregnant?

Has your pregnancy been medically diagnosed to determine:

  • Viability (a pregnancy that’s capable of developing under normal conditions.)
  • gestational age
  • located in the uterus (vs an ectopic/tubal pregnancy)
  • at risk of possible miscarriage?

Are you familiar with:

  • fetal development?
  • abortion procedures performed at your stage of pregnancy?
  • the possible emotional, physical and spiritual complications of abortion?
  • Illinois laws regarding a woman’s reproductive rights?

If you’re considering Termination, do you know:

  • what the abortion facility’s policies are regarding complications that may arise during your procedure?
  • the mode of transportation (ambulance, employee’s vehicle) they will provide for you in the event of an unplanned emergency?
  • if they will treat you at their facility or does the abortion doctor have hospital privileges
  • if there has ever been any lawsuits, malpractice claims against the abortion doctor or the facility?

Are you familiar with the risks of having an abortion when infected with an STD?

  • Have you had recent STD testing?

Are you aware of all your pregnancy options:

*Ultrasound screening required; provided at the time of your appointment.


You have a RIGHT to know who, how, where and what will be done to you before, during and after an abortion procedure. If your abortion provider cannot provide answers, makes light of your questions, or side-steps the issues that are important to you, find someone/someplace who will not disrespect you and your health concerns.  Southside Pregnancy Center cares about women’s reproductive, emotional and spiritual health.  Creating your positive solution starts here…  Schedule an appointment today.

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