Attracting Positive Vibes


I’m sure we’ve all heard of that quote before, but how do we truly become this best version of ourselves? It starts with an internal shift. Once we change our own behaviors, moods and thoughts, this will attract other like-minded people to you. Start with these simple steps and see what starts to change in your life and start attracting positive vibes.

Be the type of person you want to meet.


The Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated. Take a moment to step into someone’s shoes. Think about their daily experiences and thoughts, then decide how you might react to a situation. Be friendly. Be helpful. Be patient. Lend a listening ear. Simply take time to think what YOU would want from someone if you were in their situation.


Happy Feet: Do you have that one song that just puts a smile on your face and makes your feet start to dance? Make a playlist of all those songs! Songs that warm the heart also warm your mind and thoughts. Wake up, start the playlist and begin your day with positive, upbeat tunes.


Look for The Good: Train your mind to see in the good and positive in every situation. You have the power to create your fortune. If you keep your head down, you’ll miss all the wonderful opportunities in front of you!


Be Present: Put down your phone and unplug. Enjoy the moment – right here, right now. Living life through the screen of your phone can invite comparison and take you away from appreciating your surroundings. Wherever you are, be ALL there.


Try incorporating these 4 simple steps into your daily routine and see what attracting positive vibes can do for your life!

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