How to Decorate Your Home for the Holiday Season (While on a Budget)

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with that comes spending money, decorating, and buying gifts.  Unfortunately, spending money often creates a lot of stress and puts strain on you.  So, looking for ways to *save money*, but still have your home feel like it’s the holidays?  I’m sure you’re not surprised, but we have some tips to help you inexpensively decorate your home for the holidays!

  1. Candles are very inexpensive and will ensure that your house not only looks and feels like the holidays, but also smells like the holidays.  The smell of fresh baked cookies (or cookie scented candles) will also ensure that your house is filled with all kinds of lovely aromas.
  2. A Christmas tree. Christmas trees can be so, so expensive.  I bought a tree last year for a whopping $24 from Target.  I know, I could hardly believe it, and it wasn’t a Charlie Brown Christmas tree either.  But in all seriousness, a Christmas tree twinkling in your house is the most effective way to fill your home with holiday vibes.  You can get cheap ornaments and lights for the tree as well!
  3. Again, cheap and a great way to decorate!  Even if you don’t have a fireplace mantle, you can hang stockings from anywhere and they make awesome holiday décor!
  4. They can be inexpensive, and they can add holiday vibes to your home.  You can even buy one with a winter-theme, and it won’t be weird to have it out after Christmas is over.
  5. Get crafty. DIY trends are all the buzz these days.  Jump on Pinterest and search “holiday crafts”.  There are a ton of holiday crafts that will be sure to give your house the holiday vibe you are looking for this season.

Be sure you enjoy the holidays this season!  I promise, you can do it… even while you are on a budget!

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