How to Kick Negative Thoughts

Do you ever have negative thoughts and you just can’t figure out how to kick them?  And mentally, they just drain you and make you feel like a bad person?  Well, don’t feel bad, it happens to all of us.  Sometimes our minds are so wrapped up in what is going on around us, we can’t take a step outside of our bubble to kick the bad thoughts and start thinking more positively.

Here are several ways to start living a more positive lifestyle and how to beat those negative thoughts:

  • Throw the negative thoughts away! Go through the actual process of writing them down, ripping them up, and getting rid of them.  This will help ease your mind that they are gone, and you never have to think of them again.
  • Evaluate if the thought is true. A lot of times we get in our heads and our negative thoughts are not based on reality.  So, before you continue with a negative thought, ask yourself… “Is that even real?  Am I getting worked up over nothing?”
  • Look for the positive side of things. Instead of intensifying the negative thought, think of ways to make it positive and prove the negative thought isn’t true.  For example, if you start thinking negatively about your self-image, counter that thought with a small walk, or a trip to the gym.  I promise, it will make you feel better!
  • Remove yourself from negative environments. What you let into your everyday life has a big impact on you and your mental health.  Find what is most negative in your life and get rid of it!  Negative outlets could include: magazines, movies, social media, music, podcasts, people, etc.  Find what is negative, and stay away from it!
  • Talk about it. Don’t keep negative thoughts that are clouding your mind all bottled up.  Confide in someone that you trust.  Talk it out – it will make you feel better and chances are, the other person will be able to help you through your thoughts.
  • If you are having trouble thinking clearly, just turn your mind off for a while!  Go for a jog, lift weights, or do any type of physical activity to clear your mind.  This will allow you to reset and forget what was on your mind to begin with.
  • Count your blessings. We all take what we have for granted from time to time.  When you are thinking negatively, remember what you DO have.  Try to focus your attention on the fact that you have a lot going for you.  Did you get to eat today?  Do you have a roof over your head?  Did you get to drink clean water today?  Do you have family and friends that are surrounding you with love?  Chances are those answers are yes and you have more to be positive about than you think.  Chin up!


And remember… you are NOT your thoughts!  Just because negative thoughts cross your mind, does not mean that you are negative!  Don’t act on the negativity and be sure to highlight the positivity in your life.  You are amazing!  Remember that!

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