As a young woman, in a society that seems to be thinking more about our overall health… you see programs like the 21 Day Fix, Jillian Michaels 28-Day Shred, P90X, and Insanity everywhere you turn.  (This is not a bad thing… your health is so important!  However, a lot of women freak out when their body changes and they were not anticipating the change.)

A frequently asked question when it comes to working out regularly is: Can I really miss a period solely because I just started working out regularly?

The answer is YES!  My exclamation and excitement is coming from the fact that I am so happy for you and that you recently put your health first and are working out regularly.

The Next Question: So now, why in the world would you miss your period because you are exercising regularly and trying to make your body healthier?  A person would think that if you were getting healthier, your body should stay on track… not change and get off schedule, right?

Answer:  You’re kind of right.  Working out on a regular basis, affects your hormones.  This is how: Exercise places stress on your body and intense/prolonged exercise, if performed frequently, causes hormonal changes.  These changes might lead to a missed period, but once your body and hormones adjust, you will be back on track and your body won’t be shell-shocked any longer.

Maybe you’re worried that a missed period means that you’re pregnant, and you’re just not ready for that. Schedule a free pregnancy test with our caring professionals who can help you navigate your next steps.


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