Key Components to Being a Team Player

The difference between success and failure is a great team. Do you know how to be a great team player at work?

Meet Deadlines.

Whether you have them assigned to you or they’re self-imposed, meeting your deadlines is crucial to maintain good work relationships. When you make your deadlines, you build trust and credibility with your teammates. However, when you miss your deadlines, your teammates are negatively impacted and may begin to resent your lack of concern for how that affects them.


Be positive.

While honesty and transparency are vital ingredients for a successful work environment, people thrive in places where positivity is promoted and nagativity (yeah, that’s totally not a misspelling) is squashed. If you have complaints to wage, be sure to balance them with positive vibes. It also helps you keep your own head clear of constant negativity.


Value others’ differences.

When we appreciate that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, it makes it easier to understand that it’s more than okay that we’re all not just cookie cutter images of each other. Strength comes in diversity of thought. It’s truly a great thing when you have teammates that think and act differently than you (even if that does mean they drive you a little batty from time to time).


Be flexible.

You may be the most structured person in the world, but occasionally flexibility will be needed of you to be the best teammate you can be. Being flexible isn’t the only the only factor that will make you a great team player. Being flexible with a good attitude is what’s needed.  People don’t want to feel indebted to you when you begrudgingly dropped that task you were working on to pitch in on an unforeseen high-priority project that popped up. So be flexible—without making others feel guilty.


Practice humility.

When you act humbly at work, you are acknowledging your own limitations and accepting that you cannot go it alone. Thus, the need for teammates! And no one wants to work with “know it all’s.” No. One.  Also, no one wants to work with people who are too good to chip in on last-minute projects when the S.O.S. call goes out for “All hands on deck!” Be the person that is willing to step in and lend a hand when your team needs you, and always look for a way to offer servant leadership to your teammates! (P.S. Bosses love that and look for those qualities when considering people for promotions!)

After all, <3 Teamwork makes the dream work! <3

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