If “Pregnancy” was just a word yesterday, but today it’s a “Scary Thought” …especially when you weren’t planning to have a baby now. We understand, and we can help!

Am I Pregnant?

  • Have you been sexually active?
  • Did you “get caught up” in a heated moment without contraception?
  • OR, did your contraception fail?
  • Have you missed a period?
  • Are you’re feeling “different,” like maybe nauseous and tired or your breasts hurt?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions…there’s a possibility you might be pregnant.

First things first…it’s important to confirm you are actually pregnancy. We provide a safe and confidential environment with trained Care-Counselors and medical staff that can provide the pregnancy testing and information you need. We are available to answer your questions and discuss your pregnancy options with you…FREE!

No Pressure

You’re already feeling stressed about the possibility of being pregnant. No doubt, your mind is racing in every direction, so here’s OUR PROMISE to you…we won’t pressure you to make a decision about your pregnancy at your appointment or EVER.

We know this is a BIG deal and you just need a friend you can trust who can provide the information you need without judging you. You can leave your money at home…because all of our services are FREE.

We’re a pressure-free zone, a safe place where you can get the info you need to think things through. If you have questions, we have answers. We’ll give you time to process and figure out what you want to do.  There is a good PLAN for you and your unPLANned pregnancy…we can help you find it. 

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Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms vary among women and can change with each pregnancy. Some women experience no symptoms at all. The presence or absence of pregnancy symptoms is not a reliable indication of whether or not you’re pregnant. Appropriate pregnancy testing is needed. Common pregnancy symptoms include:

  • Missed Period
  • Nausea/Morning Sickness
  • Spotting
  • Swollen/Tender Breasts
  • Darkening of Areloas
  • Fatigue/Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Backaches
  • Food Cravings
  • Frequent Urination

These symptoms are not limited to pregnancy, so it’s important to get checked out. If you have been sexually active and you’re experiencing pregnancy symptoms, you need to know for sure. We can help. Schedule your FREE and confidential appointment now for your FREE pregnancy test.

Free Pregnancy Tests

At Southside Pregnancy Center, we’re not using “dollar store” pregnancy tests. Our high quality, medical grade urine-based pregnancy test has a manufacturer’s accuracy rating of 99%. Our test has a higher sensitivity to the pregnancy hormone (hCG) than many over-the-counter brands. Pregnancy detection is possible in as little as 7-10 days after intercourse when you think you might have conceived. That means you can know sooner, BEFORE your next period is due. Women testing positive for pregnancy may qualify for the NEXT STEP…a FREE, diagnostic ultrasound. Our licensed medical professionals will provide screening at the time of your appointment.

Free Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound

If you’ve had a positive pregnancy test, an obstetrical ultrasound is an important next step. An ultrasound is particularly essential if you are thinking about having an abortion.

Unlike a home pregnancy test, a limited obstetrical ultrasound provides a medical diagnosis of your pregnancy and can determine if the pregnancy fits the criteria for a termination.

Ultrasound can also be helpful in detecting a possible early miscarriage and also an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, which if left unattended, can potentially be life threatening.

An obstetrical ultrasound can tell if your pregnancy is:

  • viable (alive)
  • in the uterus
  • and how far along you are (gestational age)

Once you have the diagnostic information, you’ll know what pregnancy options you can begin considering.

Things to think about

There is a lot to consider before you make a final decision…

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a multitude of obstacles and problems that leave you feeling like “I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE,” or like you’re compromising yourself, then just stop and slow down. FEAR can creep in and cloud your judgment leaving you with a decision you may later regret.

Try this exercise…

Take a moment, and just for a second, put aside all the obstacles, resentment, FEAR (etc.) you may be feeling and then IMAGINE…imagine what you would do if all of these obstacles had a solution?

It may be hard to envision your future now, but we can help you assess your goals and make plans to reach those goals, so after your choice, both you and your child have the best possible chance at living a positive and bright future.

There is a lot to consider before you make a decision about your unplanned pregnancy, and figuring out what’s important to you is vital if you want to arrive confidently at a final decision.


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