Ready, Set, Read!

Do you enjoy reading? You’re reading this blog… but what else do you read? Not all reading is created equal. For example: while studies show that reading books improves concentration, social media actually hurts your ability to concentrate! It also hurts your spelling and writing skills… so, it’s more important than ever that we all find our inner bookworms and become friends!

If you’re a reader, you may already know how much reading can enhance your life. But for those who fall asleep at the thought of reading, here’s a bit of a wake-up call:

  • Reading is like exercising for your brain! Reading is much more complex than, say, watching TV and forces your brain to work a little harder to process thoughts.


  • Reading improves concentration. Reading a book or a longer article to completion takes focus. The more you read, the easier it is to focus, which carries over into other daily tasks.


  • Reading develops your vocabulary (and spelling). FYI: IRL PPL H8 TXT SPK. In the professional world, successful people often enjoy a sizeable vocabulary and are capable of spelling well.


  • Reading develops empathy. Empathy – the ability to relate to another person – is a fantastic skill to strengthen if you hope to work well with others, whether personally or professionally.


  • Reading relaxes the body and calms the mind. When you focus on a good book, you can escape to another place and time. Forgetting about the stressors in your life relaxes your mind and body.

Next time you have a night in, instead of flipping through your Netflix suggestions, perhaps you should grab a good book! It doesn’t always have to be a paperback… many community libraries offer subscriptions to Overdrive which lets you digitally check-out books to read on your phone (through a free Kindle app, for example). Isn’t that cool?! That way, whether you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment, taking a lunch break, or staying in for the night, you’ll have a great book right at your fingertips!

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