Recipe for Roommate Harmony PT 1

#1 Communication is Key

When you are living with someone, you will get to know them on a very interesting level. It is only when you live with a person that you discover all their crazy quirks, like being obsessed with decorative urns, sleeping with their hair in pigtails on top of their head, and having way too many pairs of pajamas, to name just a few examples from past experiences…

Roommates are fun for so many different reasons. But mostly because you get to share a lot of unique experiences together, like protecting one another from stink bugs and answering awkward text messages for each other. You also get to have some sleepy-pillow chats and de-brief the day with someone who can’t escape your endless chatter.

However, along with discovering what your roomy looks like without eyebrows and how adorable they look with their bedhead, you are bound to come to learn about some less endearing traits as well. Maybe they have a pet peeve about keeping the shower floor and walls immaculate, or maybe they require complete silence, where you bloom with background music.

Whatever the case may be, there are bound to be at least a few bumps in the road because of different living habits, personal preferences, and personalities. However, those bumps can be minimized by clear communication about your own thoughts and feelings. If your roommate is doing something that bothers you, tell her in a clear and kind way. This gives her the opportunity to change the habit that bothers you, or explain to you why she does it that way. Even if she doesn’t change what she is doing, at least she knows that it bothers you and should try to be sensitive to that. Expressing your expectations and desires also sets an example and lets her know that she is free to communicate whatever is on her mind as well.

Roommates are fun, I promise!  Just be you, and be honest at all am times! Stay tuned for next week’s blog à Recipe for Roommate Harmony PT 2!


~Written by: Colleen McCrum

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