Recipe for Roommate Harmony PT 2

#2 Learn each other’s Love Languages


You may have heard of the Five Love Languages: quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, and gift-giving. Author Gary Chapman and others write about these and suggest that people have their own ways of giving and receiving love.


The five categories are helpful, but the broader idea is what’s most important. The idea is that sometimes when you try to show your friend love, it still doesn’t make that person feel loved because they might feel love differently than you. This happens all the time, and it constantly mystifies us. But, the simple truth is this: many of us speak different love languages and long to be loved in a unique way.


When it comes to roommates, it is helpful to understand their love language. For example, maybe you appreciate acts of service. To make your roommate feel loved, you do her laundry and pack her lunch because that is what you would want her to do for you. Meanwhile, your roommate is a quality time person. While she appreciates you packing her lunch, she misses spending time with you, and wishes that instead of spending time packing her lunch, you would make it a priority to spend a few minutes touching base with her in the morning.


Paying attention to your roommate’s love language includes paying attention to what they like and dislike. It could be simple things like learning their favorite food and least favorite type of music. Once you know these things you have the tools to help keep your roommate happy, which is an important part of roommate harmony.


Everyone desires to be loved.  We just have to figure out what the other appreciates the most.  You can do it!  <3


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