Recipe for Roommate Harmony PT 3

#3 Prioritize Peace


Whether your roommate is your best friend or a complete stranger, for roommate harmony you’re going to have to put some effort into the relationship. Peace between roommates should be a priority.  It is important to enjoy your living situation.  As I am sure you would agree, the last thing you want is to come home from a long day at work or school and walk into a room oozing with tension.


If you make peace a priority, less problems will arise and sharing your living space will be smooth sailing! Do not underestimate the importance of roommate harmony, or the effort it will take. It will be worth it and it will always require some amount of work, no matter the circumstance.


If you are rooming with a good friend, for example, it will require effort to re-establish your relationship as roommates. Sometimes rooming with good friends can create extra challenges because your friendship is at stake and can possibly be compromised whenever issues do arise. If you do choose to room with a good friend, make sure you both put your friendship first and don’t let little things, like dirty laundry, get in the way!


Now, the same goes if you are rooming with a stranger.  It’s still important to make a great effort.  Again, everyone wants to be happy in their homes and not dread going there.  So, if you are rooming with someone you don’t know very well, it is still extremely helpful to try to get to know them and make peace a priority.


Don’t remain strangers with your roommate! Learn about them and learn from them. Having some form of friendship with your roommate will help to keep things peaceful and harmonious.


~By Colleen McCrum

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