Stop Online Bullying

Since this past Wednesday, October 11th, was National Stop Bullying Day, Southside wants to make sure that we do our part and help you yield caution when spending time online.  We know that there are so many perks to online access and the benefits of having everything at our fingertips, but we also know that spending time online can be dangerous if you’re not cautious.  Don’t let someone bully you while you are spending time online, help to stop cyberbullying!  Here are our tips to protect yourself – and others – online:

  1. It’s not your fault. If someone starts to pick on you, or comment mean things on your images, know that it is not your fault.
  2. If this happens to you, and someone seems to be picking on you, or is being hateful, do not respond. Let them comment, and make sure you step away and don’t retaliate.
  3. Save the evidence. The internet has a great memory.  Make sure that you save what was being commented and if it is something that is a threat to you/puts you in harm’s way, be sure to tell someone- the authorities, a teacher, a parent, etc.
  4. Protect your accounts. If you notice that one person seems to be persistent in spreading negativity across your social media forums, delete or block them from your social media profiles.  When there is negativity, eliminate it.
  5. If you know someone else is being cyberbullied, share this information with them.

We love that you surf the web and have come across our information, but please be safe out there!  We care about you. <3

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