The Generosity Journey

Generosity is defined as the quality of being kind and understanding, the willingness to give others things that have value. It’s often associated with the epitome of selflessness. However, generosity is such a blessing that it not only positively impacts others, it manages to overflow and wrap you in health and happiness as well.

Each year more studies report that the benefits of giving to others has an incredibly positive impact on our mental and physical health. If living longer, keeping stress in check, and reducing chances for anxiety and depression sound like a winning combination to you, living generously may be just what you need in your life.

This is definitely not to say that we can use self-motivating reasons to reach out to others, because that won’t give us the full embodiment of generosity. It’s absolutely necessary to set out on your mission of generosity with the intention of blessing others with your actions of compassion and expecting nothing in return.

No, living generously doesn’t mean you have to throw money at a ton of random causes when you can barely support yourself, but it does mean pushing yourself to the ends of your comfort zone in an attempt to serve others. Sometimes that can be done through financial giving, but the gift of your time can also be just as, if not more, meaningful and beautiful. When you serve others with your time, it speaks to their hearts to let them know they’re valued and loved. It also helps you keep a good perspective on the things that really matter and reminds you to have an attitude of gratitude with your own situation.

So if this is a new concept for you, where do you even start, right? I mean, there are a ton of worthy causes out there, and they’re all begging for your support. Here’s our advice:

Start small— If you can’t afford to spare much from your budget, start with $5 a month. It may sound ridiculous, but every penny really does count. Your gift of any size can be a blessing to an organization working with individuals who need a little extra help.


Find a generosity mentor— This is probably a new concept for most, but it’s one that can be extremely helpful to those who are just starting on this generosity journey. Find someone whom you respect that is a champion for local causes or you know has a passion for an organization that you’re interested in. Ask them about their own journey and get to know their experiences. They’re bound to have some pretty incredible stories to share.


Give even if you don’t think you can afford it— But not necessarily money; give your time. What talents or skillsets do you have that match the needs of people around you? Be creative! Do you enjoy reading? There’s probably a group around you that reads to kids in schools or daycares. Do you enjoy numbers and computers? There are volunteer programs that teach you how to file taxes for low-income families and seniors at public locations. Do you love to sew blankets? Check out Project Linus, and help someone in need.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to living generously, and, most importantly, know that you don’t have to be rich to be generous!

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