The Superpower Everyone Wants–> The Ability to Wake Up Early

I am pretty sure this is bad to say, but if I could have a super power it would be to wake up early with no problems or complaints at all.  Seriously… waking up early is my ultimate GOAL in life.  Isn’t it funny how we can find so many better things to do than just wake up and get out of bed?

What’s your favorite morning ritual that slows your getting ready process down?

Mine?  Well, that is letting my dog in bed with me.  My alarm goes off, I hit snooze a couple times, and then finally, when I decide I am going to “get up”… I open my eyes, turn my lamp on, let my dog out of her pen, and we crawl back into bed and snuggle.  Truly, for at least 10 minutes.  Maybe I am crazy, but I sure do feel like it helps me in the mornings.  Kind of softens the blow from the bright morning sun.

So, back to wanting to get up early… I want that more than anything because when I am forced to get up early, I do enjoy my day so much more.  Days last longer when I wake up early, I accomplish so much more, and I even have time for my daily workouts when I don’t try to push the snooze button too many times.  So, in trying to get better at waking up… I have found a couple things that ring true:

  1. It takes practice! No matter how many days in a row I push myself to wake up early, I always have that tempting voice in my head telling me that it is OK to go back to sleep, begging me for five more minutes.
    1. What I have learned is to fight off that voice, I have to counter it with all of the reasons I should get up early. Some of those reasons look like this: more awake and prepared for my drive into work, I can get my morning workout in, I can actually play with my dog instead of sleep with her, and I can prep healthy meals for the day instead of grab something to go or even spend money and order out.
  2. It helps to do something that you love as soon as you wake up!
    1. You know how we don’t ever have a problem rolling out of bed at 3 am when we are getting ready to leave for a vacation? Ya know, because we are SO excited about the thing that we are waking up for?  Well same holds true for every other day… do something you are excited to do once you wake up.  You are probably asking what that looks like, huh?  Seriously DO ANYTHING!  Read a book, read a blog (hey, read our blog 😊 ), draw, look for Pinterest inspiration, journal, play with your dog, or listen to a podcast.  Find something you love, and look forward to it each and every morning!

I hope you find these tips helpful!  Especially #1… don’t expect it to come natural… it doesn’t just happen!  You are unique and special, so make the ability to wake up early your superpower! <3



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