Tips For Living With A Dorm-Mate For The First Time

Last week’s blog talked about how to avoid the Freshman Fifteen during your first year of college.  And boy is that important… but so is learning to live with a roommate.

In this week’s blog we are going to touch on the important conversations you should have with your dorm-mate, things to be aware of, what to share, and other key things to talk about when you are living with a dorm-mate for the first time.

  1. Start the conversation on day one! The sooner you begin the relationship the better.  Open the lines of communication as soon as you can.  Right before you start school and move in together, begin the conversation.  Divide up what you will bring and what she will bring.  There are some things that you don’t need double of.  Who will bring the TV?  Who will bring the fridge?  Talk about these things before move-in day and it will already open channels of communication and trust.
  2. Discuss alarm clocks. Try to compare your sleeping habits and get on the same page.  I am not saying you have to have the same habits, but at least be aware of your roommates sleeping habits so no one will be surprised later on.  Having the conversation will prevent frustration later on.  The following is an example of what to discuss:  Do you like to sleep in?  Do you sleep with the TV on?  Do you sleep with any lights on?  Can you sleep through anything?  Does noise bother you?  If I am studying late at night, can I have a small light at my desk?
  3. Discuss bathroom habits. Understand what time your roommate likes to shower, and how long it takes her to get ready before her day.  If there are days when you both need to be walking out the door at the same time, make sure you have the conversation about who will be showering first, etc. so it is not surprise later and you are not both trying to use the bathroom at the same time.

*Tip:  If there is a mirror in the dorm room, you do not necessarily have to use the bathroom all the time to get ready.  When it comes to doing your hair, all you should need is a mirror.  Just keep this in mind when you are talking about bathroom time with your roommate.  You might not need as much time in the bathroom as you might think.

  1. It is okay to have more than one friend. A lot of times roommates try to do too much with one another and halfway through the year are sick and tired of one another.  It is a great idea to spend time with your roommate and do things together, but since you live together it is also okay to have other friends.

No matter how close you are with your dorm-mate, as long as you respect her… she will respect you in return.  If you respect each other… you are off to a great year!

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