Let’s face it—it can be tough to smile sometimes with the news, family conflicts, personal and social life issues. But even when the circumstances are troubling, here are the top 5 reasons to smile more.

  1. It has health benefits. Smiling has been said to reduce the risk of developing heart disease and reduce blood pressure. Smiling also releases endorphins that provide stress relief, relax the body, alleviate physical discomfort and enhances your mood. It’s a natural pick-me-up!
  2. It builds trust. A smile shows self-assurance. It helps others feel comfortable and at ease in the character of a person who is chipper.
  3. It increases attractiveness. People who smile are just more attractive than when they frown. Smiling puts out a positive and optimistic vibe and that is like a magnet for others, making a person appear more approachable and welcoming. We just gravitate towards a smiling person.
  4. It displays confidence. Someone who smiles displays self-confidence and is more likely to receive job offers, raises, and business proposals ahead of a person who does not.
  5. It boosts productivity. We are more productive when we are smiling and happy. Our creativity flows more and our brains and bodies function on a more vigorous level when we are up-beat and smiling than when we are sad, angry or negative.


Even fake smiles can create similar benefits, but faking it can have its drawbacks. So, I’m not saying you should go around faking a smile to everyone, all the time—that could come across as phony and be a bit weird. But, there is a time and place for sharing concerns, issues, deep thoughts, etc.


What I am saying is let a smile be your usual “go-to” facial expression and just enjoy life. Meditate, watch some funny GIFs, do yoga—whatever is a healthy form of mental clearing each day.


Aside from the benefits smiling can give you, it’s CONTAGIOUS and FREE! So, sprinkle them around like confetti and help spread positivity to the world around you—there is no time like the present! <3

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