Top 7 Ways to Land Your Dream Job Over the Summer

The summer may be the best time to focus on some important tasks—like finding your ideal job. Many people take a summer break, which is a perfect time for those who mean business to prep and potentially land a fantastic job opportunity. We’re going to be talking about the top seven ways to land your dream job over the summer.

Of course, any job should be viewed as one we can be comfortable staying at for at least a year, if not two. So, we should avoid approaching a perspective job as one just to fill a spot until a better one comes along—that is, unless the bills demand it.


That said, while it is common for us to work at jobs we may enjoy, we will most likely have to be intentional about landing the job that fits into our “dream job” category and meeting certain criteria. Your dream job should be doing that matches your skills and abilities in a field you are passionate about.


Whatever moves and stirs excitement in you—that’s your calling. Equally important is for us to be on-board with the company’s vision, the leadership style, and the overall mission of the company.


Here are some ways to focus in on what that means to you and how to get it:


  1. Know and establish your future goals, career objective, and ideal employer. Sometimes we want certain jobs because of the perks—benefits, flexible schedule, off on weekends—but we may get it and find that it is not what it seemed. It could be the lack of passion in the mission of the company, the particulars of the duties involved, or poor leadership. All of these need to come together to make it a great fit. Keeping all this in mind, make a list of needs and wants. Consider what’s important to you, where you currently need to be financially and where you want to be in 5 years. For every potential company and job position, make a pros and cons list.
  2. Use summer parties and get-togethers as an opportunity to network. Build a contact list of those in your desired field. Ask for advice and get the scoop on companies looking to hire.
  3. Search the web to study up on interviewing—questions asked, what to wear, questions to ask, what to do and not do, following-up, etc.
  4. Get a short-term (or continue an existing) internship with your ideal company or area of interest and gather references.
  5. Go to job and career fairs, even if the companies are not your ideal fit, just to get experience in on-the-spot interviewing.
  6. Utilize the school’s career services office for job search help, interviewing, resume critiquing, and other helpful resources.
  7. Establish a profile and upload your resume to career sites so that employers can find you. You can also contact local hiring agencies and colleges to check their career boards.


Be persistent. It may seem daunting to keep up with the grind while everyone else is enjoying the summer—but keep at it.


While you still want to make sure you take healthy breaks and enjoy some time for you, keep focused and keep your eyes on the prize. Persistence pays off. <3

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