Why You Should Stop Procrastinating!

Not only is procrastination terrible for your health, but it is terrible for your future too.  Even though it is easier to just push things off until “later”, it is not wise, and I would advise you stop.  Here’s why:

  1. When you procrastinate, there is so much less time for fun. Get an assignment?  Do it now!  Have a big project?  Do it now!  Have to write a blog for the week?  Do it now!  If you “do things now”, you will have time for more fun “later”.  Seriously, I have found that “doing my projects now” is so freeing.  When I have time, I get it done and out of the way so there’s one less thing to stress about.  Then, later, when fun comes up, I can enjoy myself instead of worry about a deadline I have to meet.
  2. Sloppy isn’t good. Sloppy work is an outcome of procrastination at its best.  Typically when we push things off, we are sloppy when we actually do them.  Sloppy work leads to bad grades (if you are in college) and bad reviews (if you are in the workforce).
  3. Who likes stress? Go back.  In the first sentence, I talk about procrastination being bad for your health.  This is because 99% of the time, when you procrastinate on a project, you create stress for yourself and your situation.  Not procrastinating=less stress.
  4. Something can always come up! If you have a month to do your project, and you wait until the third week to start, you could have an emergency that week that would require all of your attention.  Guess what?  Teachers/Bosses won’t understand your situation when they gave you a full month to work on whatever it may be.

Nike says it best… Just Do It!

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