Facing an unplanned pregnancy is not easy.

You have a BIG DECISION ahead of you.

Your best course of action is what you’re doing right now…becoming INFORMED and getting the FACTS on all your pregnancy options.

This is about you! It’s normal to be concerned about what others might think or say about the decision you make, but keep in mind, others won’t live with your decision…YOU WILL.

We’re here for you! We can help you sort through it all so you can be confident in the decision you make.

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Women choose abortion for many different reasons. It you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or a little scared…that’s absolutely NORMAL. Getting medically accurate facts and answers to your questions may give you clarity, reduce your level of stress and lead you to a confident decision for your pregnancy.

You are unique…and so are your circumstances. We can customize your appointment to answer the questions that are of interest to you. Since Southside Pregnancy Center does not provide abortion procedures, we are a “pressure-free zone.” That means we will not require you make a final decision about your pregnancy at your visit.

Below are some frequently asked questions about abortion which may help you now.


Where do I start?more »


First things first…if you’ve missed a period or you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy…know for sure.

Step #1 – Confirm it. Take a pregnancy test or schedule your appointment with us for your FREE test.

Step #2 – Diagnose it. An obstetrical ultrasound can determine if you have a viable (live) pregnancy and whether or not your pregnancy meets the criteria for termination. We provide limited obstetrical ultrasound free charge to give you the medical diagnostic facts about your pregnancy. (Ultrasound is an important step as a high percentage of early undiagnosed pregnancies end in natural miscarriage making abortion unnecessary.)

Step #3 – Get the facts on abortion procedures and risks as well as all your other pregnancy choices before you make a final decision.

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How much does an abortion cost?more »


Abortion prices can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand. There are a number of aspects that determine cost, which may include: the age or stage of your pregnancy, the type of abortion procedure being considering, anaesthesia options, medications, ultrasound exam, and your geographical region.


When is it too late to have an abortion?more »


In Illinois, abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy.

What is a Medical or Medication Abortion?…read more »

What are Surgical Abortion Procedures?…read more »

Do I need my parent’s consent to get an abortion?…more »

No. If you are a minor (under 18 years old) you do not need your parent’s consent to terminate your pregnancy. However, mandated reporting laws may apply for girls under age 14.


Will my parents know about my abortion?…more »


If you are a minor (under 18) Illinois law requires a parent or guardian be notified 48 hours prior to their minor child’s abortion procedure.


How can I keep my abortion a secret?…more »


If you’re concerned others may find out about your abortion, there are privacy laws (HIPAA) in place to regulate and protect your medical information from being shared with others without your consent.

However, there’s no guarantee your secret will remain safe should complications arise during your procedure; your emergency contact person (next of kin) may need to be notified on your behalf.

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If parenting your child is your choice, we’re here to help!

Being a mother or father is a tough job, but the truth is, it’s one of the most rewarding positions you’ll ever have…for a lifetime. We offer an educational program to support your decision. You can join other mothers and fathers at our Mt. Greenwood location and take classes in prenatal care, parenting and life skills. There are classes for guys, too, that’ll help them enhance their skills in fatherhood. And to get your baby off to a good start, you can shop our FREE Market for new and gently used baby items. Contact us for more information on program guidelines and class schedule.


Extended Parenting & Family Services

Our extended services initiative helps new mothers and fathers enhance their parenting skills and acquire the baby supplies they need. Through our “Learn & Earn” incentive program, parents “EARN” our special “Market Money” to purchase baby supplies in The Market. Participation in the “Learn & Earn” program is voluntary.

Educational Classes:

  • Prenatal and Newborn Care
  • Parenting
  • Lifeskills
  • Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills
  • Budgeting & Banking
  • Domestic Violence & Healthy Relationships
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Returning to School
  • Family Fun on a Budget

The Market

The Market is part of the “Learn & Earn” incentive program. The Market is a material resource center stocked with new and gently used maternity and baby items.

  • Maternity and baby clothing
  • Diapers, wipes and sundries
  • Baby furniture, cribs, high-chairs
  • Strollers, swings, etc.


Adoption is a wonderful option when parenting isn’t possible. Planning for your child’s future by creating an adoption plan is a selfless and heroic decision. When you’re not able to parent, you can still give your baby a positive future with a loving family. “Open” adoption is a common practice that allows birth parents to select and meet their adoptive parent choice. The level of “openness” can vary from letters and pictures to actual visits with your child. We can connect you with adoption agencies that can help you design a unique plan for you and your baby.


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